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Broken Dreams of a Broken Heart

I was this far when you said goodbye,
It was so painful that I started to cry,
At first I thought it was just joke,
That i smile though it seems i was choked.

Goodbye for no reasons at all,
Or maybe just because im too far that you cant call,
I thought leaving you for a moment will worked,
But i was wrong coz its really broked.

Regrets may seems to be,
For a broken dream of a broken heart it may,
But its too late for us to take,
The love back when we already fake.

I love you but it makes me tired,
To get back the love with pride,
So leaving this heart empty,
Would be the best way to stay.

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    • Thank you morninglight
      • ..it's really hard to keep our love in full blossom if we are separated by distance. If you think you did all your best to work it out, yet it doesn't give any sense then try to move on. Just keep on believing that you didn't end with this person because somewhere along your way, you will meet a better person that will share his life with you....
        • I was thinking about this again. When you really love someone YOU know..YOU feel it in your heart. This part of love we give without expectation and unconditionally. This is what love really is. When we have our own hopes and we tie it to love....we are disappointed....we feel our hopes and dreams slipping away. But if we truly love we learn to keep that love. We may be crestfallen and hurting and sorry that we were not loved the same. We must learn to peacefully accept this sadness and I know it's very hard. The only thing you can do is Love as you wish to be loved, do not be ashamed of it. One day someone will reach out to you and love you for who you are. WHen that day comes you will truly be ready to be loved. It's not really that one person is better than another. Even the least of poeple deserves to be loved by someone. Have faith that in time it will happen just the way it is intended. Meanwhile it's best to be kind to others. Agian, feel better! Hope what I said made some sense.
          • Time..Unconditional Love..Hopes.. Yea u are right but it just crawls up the insecurity... :( Anyways just amazing depth ..Cheers :)
            • distant love is very hard, but being close in this world today and still feeling distant really hurts. Being close and not be given time to share just a key to an empty home waiting for a glimps of your loved one and they dont show... ahhh ouch...
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