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Body-secret as an Outlet

Women must think very shrewdlyThey must not surrender their joyThey cannot just like that decideAs they only must bear the childMen can simply leave after beddingThe burden of carrying the baby Falls entirely on the female onlyShe must wait for ten long monthsShe must be careful in her choiceShe must weigh with real cautionShe must not act on instinct blindlyShe must very thoroughly analyzeThe partner chosen must be a gemHis mind must not waver or vacillateHe must be loyal in all the waysHe must protect her with perfect loveIf just for body pleasure two souls uniteThat may never get everlasting blissSuch a happiness will never stay at allThat is a blind step leading to miseryPleasure can be created independentlyThat is the natural body structureWithout the help of another personGod has created ways to enjoy pleasureStill when two souls mingle with loveGetting emotionally involved alwaysThat may take both to holy paradiseStill for that both must cooperate finelyEven animals show love and get mirthBut, human beings can think very wellThey can show wit and great wisdomNever love just for bodily enjoymentSelf-pleasure is a scheme of the LordNot for all the souls to follow thatBut, when great agonies dominateThat bodily solitude is a fine cushionSuicides are in fact not worth at allKilling oneself is a foolish blunderWonders are in our body itselfWe must tap that for getting solaceLove and live and firmly believeThat we can create a love-relationBut, always know that we can saveOur body and soul with self-help.mvvenkataraman

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