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Between Classical Music And Light Music Between Popular Music

Between Classical Music And Light Music Between Popular Music

As we all know, classical music has a heavy texture, structure and size of a large, imposing the music thinking, profound ideological content, the main feature is a dignified and serious. Light music, in contrast, texture, light, small, simple structure, rhythm and lively stretch, beautiful sounding melodies, piano and violin by general. It is no deep ideological content, but also do not want to have this connotation, just want to bring people to enjoy the lively and beautiful, its main feature is animated. Hence, this kind of Usher Lyrics is very appropriate.

However, light music is not equivalent to pop music as the core of pop music. It is not like classical music is so distinctive characteristics of the times and society, critical consciousness and appears gentle, but also is so not like pop music kitsch, Enrique Iglesias Lyrics, but has higher aesthetic tastes, commercial breath is also relatively small. Top songs will soon become obsolete, but the beautiful light music will be enduring music.

In general, light music between between classical music and popular music, is a compromise between the two distinct opposite can be said is music in the "third force." It is a combination of classical atmosphere and modern style, gorgeous but not flashy, romantic but not frivolous, lyrical but not touching, not only user-friendly, approachable, kylie Minogue Lyrics, extraordinary grace.

Classical music lovers do not feel coarse, and pop music lovers are able to accept, indeed widely appealing.

This feature makes it light music appeared to be widely welcomed. 30 in the late 20th century, established the band Mantovani is a sign of the birth of light music. The band sounds with a very soft, beautiful intoxicating performance, so light music quickly establish its own unique image and temperament, the music on popular music lay in his position.

60 to 70 years of the 20th century is the heyday of light music, Jessica Simpson Lyrics have a large group set up their own characteristics, such as James Laster Band.

This small, exquisite music to the ears of classical music fans find a new, unique flavor, is like wearing a decent suit for a long time after, put on the general random nature of casual wear. The pop music lovers a taste of the cries hoarse after the impact of light music is like a glass of cool refreshing drinks.

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