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Best Friends...Till The End

This is a poem about 4 best friends, Who promised to be together til the end. Tonya, Liz, Erika and Shay, Always had their way. They didn't care who they`d hurt, If you didnt fit in, they`d treat you like dirt. They were the most popular girls in school, All the girls wanted to fit in, they thought they were cool One Saturday night they went to a club and had their fun, They got into a couple of fights and of course they won. After the club they went their seperate ways, They promised to hang out again the next day. Shay got a ride from a guy she met, What she didnt know was that he had made a bet. They went back to his place and smoked some weed, They were high as hell, indeed. He took advantage of the fact that Shay was high, They had sex and then said good-bye. Shay went home not realizing the mistake she had done, Of course all she wanted was to have fun. Now we turn to Erika she`s walking alone, Some guys pull her over and ask if she wants a ride home. She said yes not caring who they were, They guys grinned thinking "What a stupid little girl." They drive around and end up at their place, She asks "Where are we?" with a worried look on her face. "Dont worry we`re gonna have fun" they replied, She said "okay" and thought in them she could confide. A couple of hours later, Erika was drunk as hell, The guys could really tell. One took her upstairs and had sex with her, He came back downstairs and said "she`s waiting up there". So the next guy goes until they all had their turn, P*or Erika she was drunk and thought it was fun. At the end of the night she slept with 10 guys, She didnt know what to say, so she said good-bye. Now lets look at Liz, She`s a wonderful girl, she really is. But that night something changed her life, She now has to find a way to survive. She was pressured to be in a gang, She thought it was cool how they talked in slang. She saw all the boys carrying a gun, She thought it`d be cool to own one. They said she could own one if she became a member, She agreed, not realizing this would be a night to remember. Tonya went home but was five minutes late, Little did she know her father was awake. She walked in the door and saw her father`s face filled with anger, She then knew she was in danger. Her father started to hit her not letting her say a word, She felt like this was the end of her world. Ten minutes later the hitting stopped, All she could do was sob. She layed there and closed her eyes, She shed one more tear and let out a deep sigh. The next day, They act like everything is okay. They went back to school with so much pride, But each one had something to hide. A year goes by and things seem to be the same, But all of a sudden things have changed. Tonya went to school and her 3 best friendds were gone, She wonders "What is going on?" She calls Liz but instead her mother answers the phone, Tonya asks, " Mrs. Rodriguez whats wrong?" Mrs. Rodriguez trying to hold back her tears, As Tonya has the phone glued to her ear. "Mrs. Rodriguez, why are you crying?!" "Sweety, your friend Liz is dying." Tonya rushed to the hospital to see her friend, This cant be happening, her life cant end. As she arrived the doctors said it was too late, They told her to wait outside, but she didnt want to wait. She went to hold Liz`s hand as tears filled her eyes, She couldnt believe it, Liz was cold as ice. She whispered, "I Love you Liz, you`ll always be my girl" She turned around, began to cry and walked out the door. She asked Mrs. Rodriguez "What happened? I dont understand.", "She was shot 3 times" she replied as she held Tonya`s hand. The next day they dug her grave and put her down, Every one was quiet, there was no sound. Her gravestone says: Elizabeth Rodriguez 2/21/88-3/16/05 She was only 16, she didnt deserve to die. A few days later Tonya went back to school alone, Once again her 2 best friends were gone. She walked down the hallways trying to look okay, But as soon as school was oveer, she went to see Shay. She walked up the stairs and knocked on the door, Shay`s brother answered and said "She doesnt live here anymore." Tonya asked "Where is she? Where did she go?", The brother replied "She got pregnant and left, but thats all I know." Tonya said "okay" and walked away in shock, She walked for 15 minutes until she reached Erika`s block. She saw Erika`s sister crying, what could possibly be wrong, Tonya walked over and asked "Whats going on?" Erika`s sister replied, "Erika had an STD and died." Tonya didnt know what to say, She screamed "This cant be happening, NO WAY!" She started to cry as she ran home, She couldnt believe it her 3 best friends were gone. She ran to her room and slammed the door, She knew someone followed her, she heard the footsteps on the floor. She yelled "Leave me alone, I dont want to talk", She stayed quiet as she heard them walk. She played her music as she layed on her bed, She had so many things going through her head. Her friends were gone, she had no one left, Was it her turn, would she be next? She thought about death all through the night, She even thought about comitting suicide. She pulled out a knife from her drawer, She could imagine her mother`s face filled with horror. She started to write a letter as she cried She wrote "Dear Mom" then wiped her eyes. "Dear Mom, I really am sorry, But I`ll be in a better place, dont worry. This life wasnt for me, Some things just arent meant to be. My dad abused me, but you never knew, I should`ve told you mom, I`m sorry I didnt tell you. I gotta go mom, my time is here, I don't want you to cry, so please dont shed a tear. One last favor, do you remember my favorite song? Play it at my funeral, I Love you Mom." She folded the letter as tears dripped from her face, She placed the letter on the bed, the perfect place. She picked up the knife, Slit her wrist once, then twice. She then slit her throat with the bloody knife, And managed to whisper "Good-bye". She fell on the bed next to the letter, She thought this would make things better. This is the end of a horrible tragedy, Like Tonya said, some things arent meant to be. This is a poem of 4 best friends, Who kept their promise to be together til the end. Written By: Consuelo aka Kali Submitted by Kali

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