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Before&After You

I don't need anyone to help me upExcept youI can be really simpleLike how the sky's blueI don't wantI don't needAnythingThe only thing I seeIs youWhat do I do?I wonder if you love me too..If you love me too..If you had loved me too,I wonder, where'd we be?

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    • dear orange rain, to love is to find your own soul through the sould of the beloved one. when the beloved one withdraws itself from your soul, then you have lost your soul. blessed will be the one with whom you fall in love. for your mind is pure, your heart crystalline, your soul stainless, and your love so hot to touch. and any one who once touched it will immediately be melted into the furnace of purity, and be changed into a phoenix, and never want to come back to this ugly reality any more.
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