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Maybe it was me….wasn’t you…
we talk too much we both confused…
all I know is that I wanted you.
I said I love you but you never said it back
all you did was give me your back…my life is strange. I was born and raised in a world filled with pain. My father left…my mother died…I was taken from home…most times left alone….all I had growing up…was a pen to write all these emotional poems…I never was given love, the way it was told, growing up…so when I found you and you said NO I was deeply crushed. The one girl I gave all my love, trust, and thought in life there could be an us.
I’m the one who won’t run away.
Wipe your tears from your face…create beautiful memories that can’t be erased. Reminisce….but you still have no interests
we both talked about love since we were kids…now that we all grown up…
you’re the one leaving it. How did we come to this?
You gave him a chance and he used you and you still went back.
That’s how the story goes.
Girls fall for the ones they shouldn’t.
He never gave you the attention you seek. What the bleak and it leaks from your heart all you wanted was his love.
Took your innocence. He made you take medicine, killed the baby within. So much sin when you started going out with him. I must admit I was jealous…he had what I wanted and what I should’ve of started. The tale would’ve been better.
You see, I would never break your trust because that takes us to a better place.
Life ain’t easy but it’s not a race. I wanted to heal you but you’re still in a maze…….trying to figure out what you feel.
Baby It’s real.
You got someone in front of you.
You made me what I am.
Being with you makes me want to be an even better man.
Understand I know it would take a long time to even hold your hand. There’s no hourglass with sand.
I’m willing to do all it takes to be your one and only man.
Two flying doves…starts with us……. Two flying doves starts with us….Trust.

Please understand. There are better men out there. You will find the one. As I.

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