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Be Toward Me Frank, My Dearest Bank

Dear Bank, How deeply you I loved! But, for me no promotion was allowed You made me in the society feel proud You helped like a timely rainy cloud I actually did perfect banking work And I joined you as a new clerk My work, I never tried to shirk As you gave me the best perk Salary reached me every month And gave me colossal strength It lasted for a convenient length I saved from it nearly one-tenth I tried for getting happy promotion As banking became my mission I never met that lovely occasion I remained a clerk in my vocation I met many people with jealousy In punishing they derived ecstasy Those who were absolutely lazy Made my banking life fully lousy They were all superbly promoted A rosy future is for them created I was by all for no reason hated My banking dream was cremated I faced at one time even suspension Now I have developed a suspicion Have you toward me a kind intention? Do you possess for me any affection? I was to a long distance transferred And I also due to depression suffered Another double distance was offered To help me, my Union never preferred A very long distance I daily travel At age 52 I feel not indeed well When I this to all sadly tell All say "you just go to Hell" Now I have received a kind transfer order Due to a superior's heart being broader But, I am not able to cross the border As finding a reliever has become harder Tell me my dearest bank, why I suffer? Cannot a solution you kindly offer? Why are you silent when to you I refer? My suffering, do you also cruelly prefer? With best wishes, Thanking you, Yours truly, mvvenkataraman SEARCH mvvenkataraman IN GOOGLE OR YAHOO

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