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Angels’ Hair! Now It’s Blonds Turn!

Eternal white There must be something common in those sexy girls, mythological stars, and models shining on catwalks…Oh, yeah! They’re all blondes! Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, Carmen Kaas… Their sometimes stylish low-key hair and platinum color or sometimes dazzling hair does seem to claim “If you want to shine like a star, try blond!” Yet, the blondes’ history is quite long. Egyptian women liked to try unusual mixtures to obtain wonderful results. During the Renaissance there was a specific beauty standard - women should have golden hair and milky skin. Rich Venetian women wanted to differ from the common people and with this purpose they covered their skin with thin fabric being in the sunlight, and smeared the hair with a special solution made of saffron and lemon. Historical epochs face lots of blondes embodying the beauty ideal. Psychology Why people at all times like this myth and consider blonds to be fatally seductive? “Fair means light, gold color, standard values”, says a famous Paris psychoanalyst Francois Perlmutter, “It’s the tone popping you out from the shade. When a woman starts dreaming of getting success and be seductive, she decides to be blond.” A psychologist Francine Noah gives another explanation to the success of the blond. “Fair-haired almost means chaste. It is the color of virginity reminding our distant childhood.” ”Blond is the color of angels”, says Jack Dessange, who made the blond his fetish 40 years ago. “I created my first blond for Bridget Bardo, who is one of the most beautiful women in the world. This intense natural color calls up sweet recollections of beach and vacation.” Since that time the saying “blond by Dessange” has been implying constantly renewing shades of this color. However, the favorite shade and the best-seller of the stylist is the California tint, which was specially created for Eva Herzigova, a top-model. All blond tints Now the blond is going to attack after all tricks and bluffing. Freedom is everywhere, even with hair-does. Fluffy flying hair locks of ripe melon, mango, and caramel color come in fashion. The “appetizing” effect is reached by the hair toning solutions applied on the colored hair. The so-called Californian foiling with faded effect is also recommended to try. You can bleach only the fringe and hair framing the face. A good stylist will try to achieve the illusion of natural arrangement of faded hair. Keep in mind that any hair bleach causes hair stress. That is why it is recommended to change the natural color only for one or two tints and use only protective toning solutions. New fashion trends include naturalness, healthy hair look, freedom and natural warm hues such as shining honey, fair beige, gold. If you want to create a stylish punk image of 80s, you can use both asymmetric haircut and roughly cut ends, and spot foiling thus highlighting the haircut. Bleached fringe or back of the head will make the image more bright and interesting. Different tints become fashionable- from honey to cold shining. The last word in fashion is beige anyway. Coloration way is almost perfect; you can obtain the contrast in locks width or create various tones along the full hair length, for example, you can color roots darker and make ends lighter. With such coloring your hair grows and got the natural look. There is one more famous direction- to color upper locks in one tint and lower locks in a different hue. It makes for vivid color changed after moving the head. Colored hair needs special attention- don’t forget about masks, shampoos, and balsams retaining the color. There is a new trend- combination of cold pink and gold tints. Modern hair-dyes give the opportunity to every woman to become blonde, but if you want your haircut to look natural, you should use additional options- toning, color shampoo, or just glitter. The main principle today is to be natural and healthy. Italian protective hair-dyes provide for luxurious light hues - from gold to bronze. What’s in now? Effect of faded hair, “chatuge” highlighting that looks quite natural, unusual color play and “flash”- clear contrasting locks. You can also try natural henna; it creates warm and natural color and keeps the hair healthy, shining and vivid. Fair-haired: before and after How much does the hair suffer when woman decides to change the appearance? Beauty costs much - when you bleach the hair, even using protective dyes, natural color pigment is destroyed. Thus, cavities are formed in the hair structure making it fine and fragile, and hair demands special care. Stylists in beauty salons use silicon masks to strengthen the hair and fill in the cavities in the structure, and clay masks to reduce irritation and restoring the hair vitality. You will have to pay also for special solutions for your use only. This treatment takes some time, but it is necessary to have at least once a week. It’s recommended to use a nourishing cream with shea extract, which moistens, nourishes and protects your hair from kinks and breaking. Make a stabilizing healing mask with galangal root extract for colored hair. It smoothes each hair and makes it silky. Use an intensive care mask for colored hair to restore the hair structure, feed hair and obtain the lasting color. Buy a special shampoo to recover the damaged hair. We recommend the sun-blocking shampoo with vitamin E, shampoo containing vitamin and ginseng complex and ceramides, healing shampoo-cream with collagen for dry hair, and shamp*o for sensitive colored hair restoring its structure. After careful washing the hair and saturating it with nutrients, you strip it of the protection. When you use balsams, the hair is covered by a protective layer and is easy to comb. We recommend to use cream-rinse containing the pro-vitamin B5, which makes the color of foiling hair more vivid, balsam-rinse, and care spray, which restores the structure of sensitive colored hair. Energy water is good for gentle hair-do. Restoring care is good for dry hair as it contains proteins and amino acids, which smooth the hair after the first use. Balsams, which you should not wash out after applying, have a very strong effect. We recommend stabilizing foam-balsam with chestnut extract and B vitamins for colored hair. Hair care conditioner with the volume-increasing effect changes the structure of fine and damaged hair and smoothes the hair-do. Use hair care conditioner with the silk effect to make the hair more elastic and obtain the natural look of shining hair. Now you know this simple and effective three-step hair care system. If you use it, you will never face any problems while combing your hair. Use the shampoo with the intensively moistening conditioner for the hair tired of facing constant changes.

Written by Lily Mollison
Submitted by Lily Mollison

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