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Angel Tears

From nothing came you, from you came my life

you were my savior, one to be my wife

you saw a light in my dark, a way out of the rain,

my heart once was black, filled with cruelty and pain,

you helped me to change, but i was resistent at first,

my greed overcame me, my blood quenching thirst,

yet you never gave up, you continued to strive,

to save my dead soul, to breath into it life

Such innocence and beauty, the truth unbeknownst,

how couldnt i see, how could i have lost,

the one thing that was pure, the one thing that was right,

with all of my strength, so powerless to fight

as the tears roll down your cheek, lying there in my arms,

with your final breath you tell me, do to no-one more harm,

youre still trying to save me, although it is you who is leaving,

your burden is lifting, youre finding your freedom

in loosing my angel, youre winning your fight

im starting to see the reality of life,

for years upon end, god is the one that i curse,

but never more now, could i possibly verse

that my life before you, no pain can compare

to see on your face, your last angel tear…

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