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An Amazing Friend

So grateful that no matter how hateful of the world I am that you always have my hand. Always try to help me see - all the good things, the little things... and all the potential-ity. More than nice to know that I have a loyal friend to help me ward off my demons... real, imagined... new, and old. Nice to know that no matter how many demons I allow to take control - you still somehow see the good - no matter how small it may be - a flicker of hope... within me. Feel ashamed though. That I should somehow be better able to fight off these demons and win - why does it seem that I am among the few chosen to face them?? Maybe if I'd learn to just let go.. to just let it be... then perhaps I wouldn't feel so violently out of control. Wouldn't have to keep you always on your toes. Regardless of the battles left and the memories of battles past... or more accurately - because of them, I've realized that I have a truely amazing friend.
Written primarily for my Mother, but also for my other true friends.


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    • its hard to find true friends like this one your talking about i have a friend and she is so awesome and i wish she could read this shes my friend and my long lost sister we are always going to be close friends she helps me to realize a lot of things and im grateful for that
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