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Always and Forever

You are always on my mind you never left it from the very start.You make me feel complete, you have brought out the inner me.Just seeing your face every morning before you leave makes me last the whole day through.Without you, there would be no future for me it would end right then and there.Your not only loved by me you are protected by me too.I would never leave your side if things got tough.I couldnt bare to think if someone else had to be there instead of me.I hate the fact that we didnt met way back in years that have past.I hate the fact that ive given you my heart now for good but i do trust you as you trust me.I couldnt never hurt you, i wouldnt allow such as bad thing to happen.Pain or sadness i dont want to bring on you, if i do i mean not too.You are my everything and i dont plan or intend on leaving you behind.I love you.Always and foreve!!

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