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alone like a shadow

butterflies fly in pairs.ducks sport together.i am alone here like a shadow.

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    • you catch the spirit of this poem, if it could be called a poem. reading your comment is a consolation to my sore heart. hope you a good day~
      • I don't know... I have not found a cure for loneliness... it is from deep within, a yearning perhaps... a longing for that special person that could maybe bring peace to an unsettled soul... always hoping anyway (smiles) ~c~
        • god would not permit a disease without providing a cure for it, so is loneliness, it's like a disease, like any other, there must be a cure, a cure, and you will surely find it, yes it's love, though can not be touched by mortal hands yet can be feeled by our immortal hearts, for where love is there is true happiness. remember love, remember love~~ :)
        • STILL here and yes, still lonely. Does it never end??
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