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all a dream

so alonenot knowing what to doi thought i was on my own and then i saw youyuo smaild at me and said"dont be afraid because im here"you picked me upand i held you nearbut then i saw thee lightand reality sank init was all a dreamyou'll never find hernothing is ever what it seemsif it seems to be goodits all just dreams it all crashes back downyou dont see everything you shouldyou cant make a soundif you do someone might comethey might make you feel it all again the pain and hate,it will all comeso why even trynoones there to pick you back upyou see her face,and cryyou dont want to look upeverything pushes you awayeverytime you get close to it alleverything seems so far awayyou dont get up,because you'll fallyou just want to screameveryone is yelling,and pulling at youyou openyour eyes,it was all a dream...the said part is...it was all you.....

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