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Alive Again

Before you I was lost. A man with reason but no cause. I felt cold and many times lost. Confused and far from feeling love yet so close. Most times I almost lost control. One night I drove with no sense of direction or destination. I drove for miles... With no smile yet with tears. How could I have gone feeling like this for years? Then, I realized that in time my love was true. It was there but didn't realize it was meant for you. You brought light to my darkest thoughts. You made me smile when my heart was torn. I was weak but through you I was able to recover. What I found was there all along. My true other half. My lover. It's not simple as it sounds. In fact we both have difficult backgrounds. If you feel what I feel. Then you know that we can go beyond this wall and create something real. There's no distance that could keep us apart. Because when one heart beats another one starts. In time we both shall meet again. Until that time...I finally feel alive again.

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