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You were conceived in a moment of lust,
But in your father she had no trust.
Her mind a daze, her heart in pain,
The decision to make, drove her insane.

She loved him deeply but was very unsure,
If their relationship would endure.
He hurt her often in different ways,
Would he leave her again, with you to raise?

As the days wore on and you bigger grew,
Of what had happened, she began to rue.
Her arms they longed to tenderly hold you,
But her head envisaged problems anew.

Your big sister never knew,
Although she would delight in a sister new.
So hiding the bulge as you steadily grew,
She began to make plans of what to do.

All the signs were there to see,
And friends agreed to disagree.
What was right and what was wrong,
Was she weak or was she strong?

So little darling you had no choice,
No one was allowed to hear your voice.
You were taken away on a bright sunny day,
But the feeling you left never goes away.

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