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A Poor Boy With No Joy

A small poor boy in a railway stationWas looking at everyone with fearThe station was severely crowdedI could see confusion in his faceHis people were of course thereHe was checking their availabilityMy heart received the worst shockOn seeing that tiny soul shudderingI wanted to buy some biscuitsTo give to that small soulI went to a shop to purchaseWhen I returned he was missingNo where he could be seenI tried my level best to locateBut, I met only disappointmentOn that day my heart was heavyAfter attending a poetry conferenceI was on my way to my residenceI felt dejected during train journeyMy heart was palpitating with sadnessOften his face my mind remindsI feel somehow desolate badlyWhy the child looked with fearIs still unknown  unfortunatelySmoke burning can be found outBut, heart burning is invisibleThat is why happen suicidesAs God even sides not, Is it not?As as boy I used to imagineThat my close friend leaves meThat gave me cruel joyI started pretending dejectionMy subconscious mind obeysTo execute all my ordersGood or bad it cares neverIt makes the imagination occurLet soul put into subconscious mindOnly jolly and optimistic thoughtsAs a result of such a wise actionPositive developments take placeM V VENKATARAMAN

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