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A New Life.

Sail away and lets be free,
Free as birds in the highest tree,
To a land with silver sand,
Waving palms, untouched by hand.

Hold the tiller, set our course,
To a new life, without remorse.
Over a moon induced, friendless sea,
No dangerous currents between you and me.

Let the strongest wind fill our sails,
And save our souls from treacherous gales.
Let the waves be kind not rough,
And lap our bow gently enough.

Let the clouds flit through the skies,
As the gliding gulls emit their cries.
Through friendly waters and a lot of fuss,
The playful dolphins, gently guide us.

Torrents of rain, sweep over our craft,
As Neptune's hand pushes from abaft.
The gentle sway becomes a roll,
Frightening our lives to the very soul.

The storm abated, our course reset,
No time to worry or regret.
Our decision to find a life anew,
Away from friends good and true.

Written & (c) John McKay Withey 2008

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    • hahahaha I see you are playing off of me...how clever is your write. Great Work! hmm this was written in 2008? hmm I posted mine in 2009...weird. Hawiia's Paridise- Part V A journey of a lifetime was on their way he was the Captain and I his first mate we set sail before the break of day into each others arms, knew it to be fate Soft-soothing music played as the backdrop completely captivated by his incredible sexy ways so in tune with his magical wonderful essence fantasying and pondering about our new day Ocean weekend Paradise Passion the winds blew us out into the emerald bay we sat back and watched the amber sunrise waves lapping the boat, watched dolphins play His tan muscles did he reveal as the hot sun stared to spill ocean breeze flowing in my hair held in a trance, if looks could kill Fleeting sensations from head to toe poured champagne, we clanged glasses in a bikini, laying on the front of the bow he quietly next to me, making erotic passes Craving to interlock as one water wave raises high passionate energy rages pounding surf and tide Enjoying the fullness of the thrill as adrenalin pushes it pulsating into completeness to the limits, we rushed it Riding the huge, white cap waves the emerald ocean winds blows wild ruptured with every penetration catastrophic, convulsions naked Knees shaking, body shivering, ocean waves soon subsides collapsing on our backs heat radiates from all sides Gasping for air, ocean breeze sea gulls flew over above searching for answers in each others eyes rushing, water waves whisper…They’re in love…
      • "New Life" is fiction. Was Hawiia? Answers on a postcard please.... Were you by any chance following me in the round world yacht race? Got your breath back yet? Aries at their raunchy best? Glad you enjoyed the words of a Virgoan. John.
        • I knew New Life was fiction so is my Hawiia...but hope to live it... one day! lol I would love to attend a Yacht race! lol Yeap, got my breath back and ready for round two! hahaha "Aries at their raunchy best?" Raunchy? lol do you have a way with words? lol virgoan aka virgo? or is it viagra? moan...hahahaha
          • Viagra is for assistance - I need support!! lol Yep, one of the vestrals - best conjugal star signs are Capricorn and Taurus. Pull in the main sheets and lets rip round Cape Horny, full sail ahead mate.
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