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A Loving Tribute To A Faithful Companion.

Your soft brown eyes said so much,
Your understanding nature had a human touch.
When pleading to be taken for your favourite walk,
You begged, barked, did everything except talk.

You were my best friend without a doubt,
There was no need to scream or shout,
Your telepathy was quite astounding,
Your intelligence quite resounding.

When feeling low and walks were out,
You sensed my pain without a doubt.
You gave a kiss and offered a paw,
As you snuggled closely to my jaw.

In winter cold and summer heat,
You were never far from my feet.
You loved to swim or run with glee,
Happiest when sniffing around a tree.

Eventually as you older grew,
Our walks became short and few.
Your soft brown eyes shine no more,
Your bed lies empty on the floor.

(c) John McKay Withey

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