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A Love So Strong

When we have children and our children have their children, we never expect that we are going to raise our grandchild. Well that's exactly what happened to us. We could never in a million years know thehuge blessing it would be at the time that Elijah came to live with us. My husband and I had been the "babysitters" for both our daughters. One evening when Tasha came to pick up her three, the youngest, Elijah Thomas, said I don't want to go, I want to stay here with MeMe and Papaw. So thus began our journey into grandparent parents. That was almost two ago. Sure he goes to visit his Mommy and Daddy and brother and sisiter. But it's rare that he will even spend the night there. About two months ago on Elijah's 3 year checkup we recieved some very upsetting and life changing news. It seems our "Pootie" ( that's his nick name) has M.D. They aren't sure if it's Duchene's or Becker's due to some kind of Blood thing he has, they can't say which one it is. A bone biopsy would tell us. But for now I think his Papaw and I only want to enjoy every single moment of this precious child. I think that everyone including Elijah thinks he made out when he said those magic words that long ago evevning, but his Papaw and I are really the blessed ones. He is truly a gift that GOD has saw fit to place in our loving care. Oh I know there are days, years to come in which things won't be so bright and gay for all of us. So that's even more of a reason to shower him with SOOOO much sunshine and happiness now. He will always and forever remember how very much he is loved.

I love you my precious baby boy,
always, MeMe

2010-11-22  13:13:34

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