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a fathers letter from above

when its my time to dieat my funural nobody crywhen its time for me to fly,let me gojust know,that im smiling downand that i will always be aroundi know it will hurt but as days pass byit will get harder try but,just know that what i gave up was all for younow im in the sky so spacious and blueive made mistakes in my life but,ive changed my life for youi died making something out of myself and my legacy will live onso  stay strongwhen you dont know what to do just look to the skysand i know the hardest thing is to say byebut son, make me proud and live your life the right wayyou will make something out of yourself one daykeep your head up and keep your faith aliveeven thought ive died i hope my memory will live oneven after im long goneyou are my legacyjust be all you can bei will always be by your sideim sorry for all the tears ive caused because ive kept count of the tearsbut just know i love you and im always looking down_________________________________________________________________________so if u dont know, my dad died when i was 14 and its been hard but this poem is kinda about dat but ive learned that you cant be sad for ever sometime u gotta smile and kno ppl come nd go but tha memories last 4evr.R.IP dad;;

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