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A Dream LOST

When I seee you standing thereI feel like I have something to sayBut I dontI want to tell you whats on my mindBut i cantYou have a girlfriendSometimes i wish that that girl was me I thought you knew I liked you when i asked you to homecomingI guess i didnt make it clear enoughWhen I see you with that girlI makes me think what if i was that girl.Everyone tells me  to forget about youI just cant you're on my mind all day long.P.S. this i wrote for a friend who i thought i like but know i know hes just an ass.

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    • holy crap that was great, same with me only its a guy i dated before and when we went to home coming he was at the game but not the dance....Im not a girl that crys but that night i balled my freakin eyes out..... -bubbles_place
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