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195.Quain’s Elements of Anatomy 4

For a full acoinnt Skechers of the whole aubjecl, «ee Killlker' Haadbueh der Oewobelehre det Meotcbea, 4th ed., ltUSS)It I alto nndcvrrolnod In what relation tlio nervefibre and branched or multipolar cell of tho cord aland to each other. MOM are Inclined to believe that the radiating prolongation of the cell are in

actual continuity with the axial filaments of nerve fibre, whether proceeding from nerve-root or from different part of the cord itaelf; and the direct observation of no eh continuity ha hocn affirmed by home, a by Schroeder Van der Kolk. Hut It I «tlll OUUldered by obtcrreni who hava given moat careful attention to till investigation that, although well continuity may lie regarded a of the greatest prolwbility, and although It may be considered at proved in tome other fstrt of the nervous system. especially in the lower animal, the actual passage of nsrve-fibre into the pieMMM of nerve-eell ha not Sketchers Shape UPS l«n proved at the remit of actual oli«rvation in the spinal cord of man or of mammal.H-"illj »J KrperiuimU.—Seeing the imperfect natnre of the knowledge of the minute stricture of the ipinal cord a obtained from mlcrostcopk observation. it may be proper to give here a short account of the more Important retail of phyaiolngtml experiment a to the course of the transmission of sensory Impression and motor influences through It, although It I at preeent difficult to reconcile them with the resalu of anatomical research For the most important information upon this subject. derived from vivisection, science i indebted to the rosearcbet of Brown- Htquftid and Schilf.When the wperlor or dorsal half of the cord a href="http://www.discountshapeup.com/">Skechers Shape UPS la divided in animal, •ciuatlon ttill continues in the bind limtw. Sensation likewise continue after division of the Inferior half of the c«ird. and even after the superior and inferior part of the cord have lieen divided at different levels In such a manner that the hinder extremity of the eord may lie supposed to communicate with tho Shape UPS brain by means of the central jcrey matter only. But sensation la abolished by piercing the interior of the oord with an Instrument, and to moving it a to divide a much a possible the Shape UP Skechers grey matter without Injuring the white matter. Moreover, tcction of the cord and IrriUllon of the cut surfaces pro-luce no |«ln. provided that the plane of sttUoo b »ufflc!nlly removed from the origin of nerve, a may 1 accomplished in the cervical region; but In the neighbourhood of nerve root there i groat sensibility.

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