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'Wish for a friend'

I wasted your love,
when you're there kneeling down
 and offered your love with no bounds.
I wasted the moments that
we should be together and
 maybe forever.
I wasted the time
that we could share
as friends or as a lovers.
I wasted every chance to love you
 and give us time to
know each other well.
I wasted every moment
 thinking back what could we be.?
Now my heart was left
with questions and wonder.
What happen to you my friend,
how you've been doing since?
Do you wish to turn back the clock
and choose us
to be together and never part?
Or it will be the same
we remain friends but never to talk again?
There is just one wish I have for you.
I wish you found the one
that makes you see,
that love is pure and sacred
and shared only
 by two hearts entwined forever.
I hope you already knew
 that friends are friends.
Lovers are lovers,
they are two separate feelings.
You are still my friend
 but you are nowhere to be seen.
I wish you are happy
with your spirit free.
Cause when we parted
i found the one that make me glow in the dark
and make my heart sing
 the melody of forever love
and make me said the vow,
till death do us part.
And so I whispered in the wind
 and hope it will reach you right with in.
I hope you are happy my friend
and always remember,
you have me always as a friend
 and a shoulder to lean
when you needed a friend.

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