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'Touch me Not'

She grew up in a country side.
Everyday she breath the fresh air from the mountainside.
She likes to play in the plains,where she have friends.
A butterflies,grasshoppers and dragonflies.
But,the happy days were over,time to go and look for greener pasture.
She tried her way to the noisy life of the city,but she was not that lucky.
She travelled so far away,in the land widely desert can be seen.
She thought her plight is over.
This place would be her solace and would be her dreams comes true.
But indeed,she was wrong.If in the city in her country,
she was just a wild flower nothing to offer,
here in the desert land of strangers,they saw her beauty exudes.
They noticed her innocence.
They smell her fragrance.
They want to unveil the secret of this innocent flower.
She have to stand and protect herself,she is pretty yet thorny.
Whoever tries to picked her,he have had to bleed.
A country girl grown into a woman,
fighting her way to the world full of lies and deceptions.
But still she remain standing,for her veil is honesty,
beneath her simplicity and sweetness
there lies a strong willed woman who have principles.
Up to now,still getting stronger.
And still dreaming,hoping and believing,
that everything is possible,just have FAITH.

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