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I could hardly believe the glimpse of shattered piece
When I saw you again and look into your face
there it seems painted a life's unfulfilled
a downfall of dreams you had started to build
I saw you smiling and give me a deep sigh
Hug me for a while then you started to cry
You find it hard to voice out your pain
But I know somethingg wrong coz i felt it from within
I am your friend I know you ever since
I found in you a fighter who knows how to win
Yet I was amaze for what I have seen
My fighter friend now dwelling in dim
Take me into your world of challenge
Together we'll fight for a better change
I may not good enough to help you all the way
But I'll stand beside you each and everyday
In a loop of darkness, I'll be your light
against your battle, let me spearhead your fight
No need to worry I'll help you back to shine
I'll share my life with till you become fine.....

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