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"I love you,till"

Till I heard the music in my world.Till there is a melody of the song.My love,don't ever think thatI will leave you.How many times I breath,thats how I love you.I can't go away from younot even a single mile.I want you to knowhow much I care for you.

If you catch a raindrops on your palmcount how many, that's how much you love me.But,all the raindrops fell down on the ground Its all the love I have for you my darling.Till my heart knows how to love.Till my world is aliveTill my whole being crave for you.I will never stop loving you.

I love you till I have breath left in me.My love will always will be.I will never be complete with out you.You never let me down,you did all you canto show how much I mean for you.And so am I,I will never let you down.

I love you and I always will.

Till the sun,shine its morning bright.Till the ocean has its waves.Till I can hear a nightingale songs.Till the flowers blooming.Till the world has its life.Till my body and soul can feel your love.I love you with all my heart.

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