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"My Last Bithday"

Sun comes through the window  and softly touches my pale skina smile shows in my face.Mom knocks in the door and comes inwith a big gift. Is my birthday."Happy Bithday!" ahe announces with a big grin as she sits on the edge of my bed,she's waiting for me to say somethingbut i just lay there still, She grabs the note that's clunched in my hand, her smile fades as she reads careful each line,with every word killing her inside."I couldn't take this any longer,it was just too much pain.Im sorry that i cause you sorrowbut this was just a better way"Tears build up in her eyes as she sees the emty bottle right by my side,a tear falls to my pillow without making a sound.She hugs me and cry'sand show's me all the love she never showed when i was alive"I love you sweetheart!" she says with a broken voice"I Love you too mom..!"   

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