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When I’m lonely I’m NEVER ALONE I’m surrounded by people That is not my own When I’m lonely I’m ENCLOSED IN HATE The madness in my mind Over takes When I’m lonely I have people around me MAKING ME FELL Like I’m just a boundary For ever in the shadows Of all the smiling faces Of this world I sit at home Screaming at the world For casting me in its veil When I’m lonely I shout out in SPITE Why do I have to be lonely Is there no one that’s my own When I’m lonely I imagine a valley No life in sight Just me being lonely When I’m lonely I close my eyes I hope to wake up To a surprise I hope to find Some one whose Not lonely to guide me I go insane Being alone for so long It affects your thoughts When I’m lonely I can not think My thoughts are gone It’s like my mind is not in sync When I’m lonely I Put on a smile Fooling the world


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