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'If its true love

If its true love there's no condition.
If its true love,it knows no bound.
If its true love.it can weather storm.
If its true love,its endless and timesless.
If its true love its always new and fresh.
If its true love,it will survive and fight the weaks.
If its true love,it will gets stronger everyday.
If its true love,patience is needless to say.
If its true love,no matter what they say,
the sweetness and grace stays.
If its true love,everything transform into
the most splendored things.
If its true love,hope and dreams are present.
If its true love,it will stand out
when the worst will come together hand in hand,
you know the two of you can over come.
If its true love,its forever and always
 hearts remains true and souls entwined together faithfully.

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