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'Amazing feeling'

All my life,I think love can be define and choose of mind.
I thought,Romeo and Juliet scenes
exist only in fairy tales and can not be obtain.
I found the one in the least expected way.
He is the kind of man,the bad guy in the play.
But,if he let you in into his heart and make you his life.
He is like the knight that would risk everything to serve his queen.
The day he holds my hands I knew
he is the one.
The first time he kissed me,
I knew he is all I want.
Until now,the magic is still there
fairy tales did exist and I'm one of the luckiest to find its best.
I am his last kissed and he is to me.
True love does exist not only in tales.
Just believe that there's a heart that meant for every one to last.

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