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"A Dreamer"

Every time I fall,I hold no one but me.

When everything fall in to pieces

I pick it up piece by piece

with no one surrounds me.

When tear drops wants to fall down my cheeks

I let it fall when nobody sees me.

When i fall,I lean no one but me.

I always manage to stand on the ground

every time i fall.

When my dreams turn into a broken dreams.

I never lost hope,but begins a new journey of dreaming again.

We came in this world naked in everything.

With no one but darkness inside the womb.

Life gives us light,hopes and dreams.

We are born as a dreamer.

A heart with out a dream is a hollow space of emptiness.

Lets not stop dreaming,life is just a dream.

And someday,all is just a broken dreams.

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