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All Those Times

Think about all those times when you were a little girl or boy and you climbed up on your Daddy's knee. Think about all those times that your Mommy read you your bedtime story or sung a beautiful song to you before you drifted off to sleep.Think about all those times you fell off your bike and you were so ready to just give up but what kept you going was your parents cheering you on with those silly grins on their faces. Think about your first day at school when you were so nervous that you cried, but when you went in, your teacher was so nice and all the kids wanted to play with you. Think about all those times that you and your parents and your brothers and sisters went out to have ice cream together and you all acted like nuts and sang goofy songs. Think about all those times that a boy or girl at school broke your heart into pieces and you crawled up on your Mom's lap and poured the whole story out while sobbing and she hugged you and told you that everything was gonna be just fine. Think about all those times that you celebrated Christmas with your family and you woke up at 7:00 and went and woke everyone up because you wanted to see what was under the tree for you. Do you happen to remember any of those times? Now, think about all those times that someone in this world has taken all of that away from an innocent child.
Written by CJ
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  • That's pretty good. love your style,dont let anyone tell you its wrong.
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