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Any help appreciated

OK I’ve never spoken like this before but... I'm in a bit of a mess... I have a boyfriend. I've been with him over 2 years...but the last few months I haven't been happy... I tried to end it with him twice; once, he got so upset. I didn't have the heart to carry on, the other time my mom actually stopped me because she said she thought of him as a son, and would be angry, disappointed etc in me if I ended it... ever since then she's been really mad at me whenever I try and tell my boyfriend I’m not happy. This alone is driving me mad. Most people can see I’m not happy and keep asking why I can't do anything... but it's so confusing... I don’t want to hurt him, but I haven't been happy for a long time... The second part is... I’m in love with someone else. And I know its love... I’ve loved him for over 7 months... he's one of my boyfriends' friends... we kind of clicked, but there's so much he doesn’t let anyone see, he's kind of... afraid to show feelings... but we get on, and he's let me see the other side of him now and again...the other times, we have such a good time together and I’ve heard he feels for me too - but I’m not sure... I tried to tell him once and it just went wrong - besides, I’m still technically with my boyfriend... I don't know what to do-I thought about ending it with my boyfriend then running away so my mom wouldn't be able to be mad at me…but it seems a bit drastic. Any ideas? Thanks
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  • Girl sounds like your in a pickle. First off don't you dare run away. Then, you would run away from your problems and your love with whoever your with. My opinion, if you've loved this guy for 7 months, then you should have ended your relationship with your guy 7 months ago and it would have been easier for your mom to let him go and him to let you go. If he really loves you he will let you do what your heart says to do. But now that you've been with him this long, I think you should wait for a while to see what happens. Because I thought I was in love with someone for over 3 years. Glad I realized she wasn't all she was up to be. Long story. Anyway, go with your true feelings, whoever that may be with. And don't worry about what other people think. This is between you and your guy. Not your mother. good luck and god bless
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    • you can run for so long... but then you cant run any more and your problems will catch up with you... how old are you??? I'm *ssuming highschool... you mother needs to understand that you need to run your own life... Love who you want to love wait I can't... you cant choose who you love.. it just happens... answer me this.. does the man your with right now treat you right? has he ever cheated on you? does he love you? does he show it? does he treat you the way you want and deserve? Does he bring you flowers when your sick? and kiss you goodnight... even on the phone? does he make you smile even if you don't want to or your not in the mood?? now... if you answered no to the second question and yes to all the rest, then why would you want any more... but if there were all yes answers or all no answers or more then one no answers, then you need to ask yourself those same questions about the other guy you say you know you love... love concures all... follow your heart not your head.... your head gets you into trouble... your heart gets you out.
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