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A Blessing

I always remember the moment we met I'm in awe of how far we've come The best is in the future So show me you'll be there, Not just in memory There's so much we still have to share The feeling is exciting, yet scary Sometimes things don't work out Together we can make it I hope you love me as much as I do you Sometimes I know you hope the same of me If we only knew how to re*ssure eachother All we can do is trust Being with you is a blessing I should want no more Only, when we hold eachother, I can't get close enough I want to be inside you--mind, body, and soul The nights you are not here, I lay lonely, With only your scent on the pillow If the sweetness was never renewed I would be lost Thank God, through you I find my way The most beautiful feeling is Lying next to you in the morning, While the sun peeks through the window Love is what makes life have purpose I hope this is eternity
Written by Vanessa
Submitted by Vanessa

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