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Two Guys

Ok I’m dating this guy (Allan) that I’m truly in love with, but there also this other guy (Andrew) that I really find very attractive and nice. Before I started dating Allan I knew that I liked Andrew so I’ve have to chose between them, but now I think I’ve made the wrong choice.Every time I’m with Allan I can't think of being with Andrew, but when I’m with Andrew I want to break it off with Allan because I think I like Andrew more. I've done the pros and cons list but they’ve got the same amount of pros as cons. Also when I’m with Allan it seems like its all sexual things that we want to do, I’ve talked to him about it and we both agreed that we don't want our relationship to b all sexual. But we can't even go one weekend without doing something. With Andrew I know it wouldn't b sexual, he's so cute and funny and he's always got something to talk about so I’m never bored... I'M SO LOST!! I don't want to hurt Allan if I break up with him and date Andrew, but I also don't want to make a big mistake...Anyone have any ideas? I need sum badly...
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  • I think you should talk to Allen about the sexual "problems" you're having, and you should be specific (without mentioning Andrew), and while you're talking to Allen, watch his body language and how he responds to you telling him you want to remain a couple, but you want to focus on something other than sex, making out, etc. If you think he agrees or understands, wait a while longer. But, if he seems at all ticked off about you wanting to take a break from the sexual things, break it off and try being with Andrew. I hope what I said helps you, let me know: LnOrEnNNY@yahoo.com
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    • Hey Girl. Well I am going through the exact same thing. I know its hard to pick which guy you like better. I am going out with this guy named Sam. I thought I liked him a lot. But I dont know if its just a fling that I will go through. Well, I am talking online with this guy that was a senior last year at my highschool. Well, his name is Samuel (its weird they have the same name.) Well, I feel like I just "like" Sam. But I feel like I have stronger feelings for Samuel. I dont know what to do either. Well, first I think you should make sure if u have a chance with Andrew. If he feels the same way about you then I think you should go for him. Since you have feelings for two guys its complicated. But since you are with Allan, and you like him, but also like another guy then you have already broken the trust boundary between you and Allan. I really think you should go for Andrew, in my opinion. Well, just think about it( I know you have probably thought about it a lot.) But just really put your heart first. Think of what you want, not about everyone else. Email me at: gingerlt2008@comcast.net if you want to talk about it or if u have anymore troubles with guys or anything. Im here if ya need someone.
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      • Honestly I think you need to follow your heart. If you truly think you like Andrew more, than break it off with Allan. It may be hard, but if you keep going with a guy you don't like as much as someone else it'll hurt them in the long run, especially if they find out. If you would rather not break it off with Allan, then talk to him about being sexual all the time. Tell him you would love just to be there and talk and laugh with him, and if you still cant get your relationship to be only about sexual things maybe it's not worth keeping
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        • look I have the same problem but u really got to talk to him about the sexual issues u need to let him know that maybe u r not ready for that and maybe he will understand..... if he dont then brake up with him and go to Andrew (seems like a better boyfriend)
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          • The girl who is ging into grade 10 who posted a comment needs to shut the hell up, you have no idea about relationships, and you shuold not date someone in grade 12. It's people like you that disgust me. Pick Andrew. Please. It's going to be o hard, and you're probably going to cry for days because he was a big part of your life but you need to be happy, it's probobly tearing yuo apart everytime you are hanging out with allan, knowing that your heart is with Andrew and it must be hard to hide cheating on andrew with allan when he doesn't know. Hurry thogh, before you get screwed over.
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