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Figuring It Out

What do you do when you lose your all, your everything? When the joy is torn out of your heart and the smile is wripped off your face? When you're more confused then you've been in your entire life and you don't know who to turn to?When it feels like noone cares and you're left searching your way through a big, dark maze of hatred? How do you handle that? Are you just supposed to sit by and watch everything you've ever loved crumple into pieces? I need some answers. There are so many questions flooding my soul and my mind. The why's and the how could you's have all become more than I can handle. CJ
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  • All right, here's the deal, I am in college and I get the feeling that this woman in my cl*ss likes me but I am not sure. Here is why I think this. She looks at me when I walk into the room. There are a bunch of other guys in the cl*ss and the only one she looks at (i think) is me. She started a random conversation with me out of nowhere with me one day. She asked what cl*ss I am taking, when do I finished, how long I have been taking it. Her friends always smiles when I am around them. Out of all the places she sits in the cl*ss, she sits two rows in front of me where I can see her everyday. She looks at me sometimes, the next day she ignores me, other days she looks at me and so on. One time she was not in cl*ss for a week and she was downstairs doing CSS (A school thing). Her teacher was my practic*m teacher, I was talking to him and throughout the whole time I was talking to him, she was staring at me non stop and did not look away once. Basically she was standing working on a project and the entire time I was there she was not all working on that project. I was out in the hall talking to a friend. Right in front of me is the door to go upstairs to cl*ss and right next to me is the hallway to go to cl*ss (but a longer way). Instead of taking the short way, she walks by me and decides to take the long way. I talked to her friend cuase I was setting her friend up with a future practic*m interview cuase I know a person. While I was talking to her friend, she was sitting there giving me this sheepish smile and has this day dreaming look in her eyes. I'm not sure but that is what it looks like. Recently I have been talking to her but with random convos about school. I wished her a merry christmas one day when she left early. She says I am coming tom, say that to me tom, while smiling at me. I make a joke, she laughs before she leaves. Today, I see her, but she walks right near me. (not 5 feet away from me or near my buddy who I was with at the time) Walks near me to the point where I can smell her hair, I say "can I say merry christmas now" she says yes with a little grin. I say it she smiles. I go in the lounge to chill with my buddy, Her and her friend walk in start talking. All of sudden all of us are talking. Here where it gets confusing. While I am talking to her, it seems that she wants me to say stuff to her. She is smiling but I don't know if she is into me. I heard it is playing hard to get, but when this happens it seems that she does not want to do anything with me. So like I said before, I am very confused. What do you all think about this? Is she into me? and if she is why is she doing stuff that makes me think that she does not want anything to do with me. Plus, I know this was a long story, but I had to get it out there.
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