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I miss you

Submitted by thinangel1990 E-mail: thinangel1902@hotmail.com Before i start i would like to dedicate this poems to one of my old sport Vanessa Murfet. I miss you Vanessa. When you first came to the school i didn't know who you were. When i first met you in my class i was really shy, eventually i got to know who you were.We would have all the great talks we would laugh and cry together now that you are gone, we can't have those talks anymore we can't laugh together or even cry together. As i lay down in bed, i close my eyes and all i see is you in my head there is not a day that goes by that i do not think about you I wish that i could see your face again even if it was only for a second i wish that there was a way that you could come and visit or even if came and visit you i miss you, i want you to came back and never leave.
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  • i can relate ta this poem alot...i kno how ya feel (i hate when pplz say that) but i really do....I'm sorry...i hope ya get ta see her again! keep writing
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    • this poem really touches me.... I feel exactly every word that this poem is saying....its a wonderful poem.
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      • I can relate to what you say I mean you guys must have been very close. I don't know what I would do without my BEST FRIEND (kayla radford) I mean we do the same things you guys did hang out, talk, laugh together, and like you I met her in cl*ss becuase she was a new student. I was kinda shy when I met her, but eventually we became the best friends.i really hope that I don't move away from her because then who will I talk to, and who else is going to make me laugh when i'm sad or mad, and who else am I going to be able to talk to and them actually lisening to me
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        • this is awesome I hope u dont mind but I am sending it to my friend in madison
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          • this is awesome I hope u dont mind but I am sending it to my friend
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