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Missing you

Submitted by Ashley Webster E-mail: babygirl1227@yahoo.com The worst way to miss someone isto be sitting right beside them knowing you can't have them.

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  • Goodbyes the saddest word ill ever hear goodbeys the last time I will hold you near someday youll say those words and I will cry it will break my heart to hear you say goodbye*
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    • I wish I didn't have to say it .. but that quote is so true
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      • its true...i was only 13 when I fell in love for the first time...i was in seventh grade and he was my first real boyfriend. he was my first kiss and we were together for 8 months. he ended up cheatin on me and it broke my heart. every night tears would spill from my eyes leaving bitter tastes on the tip of my tongue. I couldnt live with myself...trying to imagine why he tore my heart to pieces. I never knew of this kind of hurt or how painfull it was to walk down the halway with out his hand in mine. I felt alone like I was lost and I became really scared. I thoght that I would never find anyone to love me the way that he did. I didnt think that I would ever find anyone that would tell me that I was the everything in his life and that no matter what happend he would always love me. the sad thing is even though we were broken up I couldnt move on. I was still in love with him two years after. we had always talked after the break up and was friends but it was always somethin a lil more...to me anyways. he told me that he missed me and thar he still loved me and we were acually gonna get back together but never did. I gave him everything I ever had to offer anyone...i loved him and only a few months till my 16th B-Day I still love him with the every beat of my heart. hes the best thing that happend to me and even though he is the only one that can make me feel so sad hes still the only one that can ever make me happy again. what should I do? I ove him and it hurts.
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        • This quote is true, yet it has been posted in so many different sites... I have seen it way to many times. I'm sort of getting sick of it... But I must admit. It is a good/true quote. Just overused
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          • did you write that your self?? i dont think so, have see this poem in other pages, in spanish
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