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Allow Love Now Somehow

Love is always supreme and great
As it can positively change the fate

Love alone has the power to soothe
To change those who are uncouth

Loveless hearts are in fact dry deserts
A loving heart does peaceful concerts

He who knows not the beauty of love
Can't know the mercy of God-above

Love kindly shared multiplies peace
It converts1000 storms into breeze

Rejection in love is not humiliation
It is an unthoughtful elimination

If by a person, your love is rejected
Let not sorrow be in mind injected

Your love, somehow you must expose
It is wrong only when you don't propose

When a person says no to your offer
Another will be there to say "I prefer"

Stop not loving as it is surely wrong
Love alone can make one strong

Love alone needs no language
What a glorious advantage!

In case you are not handsome
Love only feels not cumbersome

If you are ugly and very awkward
Still, love says a very kind word

A loving soul has in heart grace
Though may be ordinary its face

Like love there is nothing dear
As it makes God come near


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