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Miss You

Wish you where here, miss your
voice so much my dear

With you on my
mind, everything gets so clear

My mind,
so simple, just you in there, i hold you so dear

Remember first time I let my
eyes on you,

nothing I managed to do
You, your beauty, gazed upon me, like a
star on the sky,

I was falling but you my dear made me fly

With a single look
on your face,

you just placed my heart with a trace
I was wondering, where was
I, in a place like this?

Wanted so much to give you this kiss

Remember I was
praying " please dont go, here, I want you so"

In a world filled
with suffer, pain and hate, please dont be late,

I need you here, not there

will be your hero, and make your pain to zero

With me, with a smile I alaways
want you to be

No more tears from your eyes, no more lies

A promise I give
you, deep from my heart,

a promise from me for you to keep
Now, if I could
only hold you within my arm,

never I would let you come to any harm

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