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A Holy Bondage Called Marriage

Marry that woman known well to you
So that your life she surely will rescue
If your character is to her very familiar
She will never regard you as peculiar

Let all your drawbacks be fully revealed
Despite that if she decides to boldly yield
Definitely you can proceed with confidence
As her understanding you is a real evidence

Never think that your woman is perfect
As your mind in future this may affect
Always think that she may also err
So that you can avoid possible rancor

None can be perfect in life practically
All are prone to blunder basically
We must co-operate and finely assist
And lead a life by being an optimist

We must note only the positive aspect
And give for merits our maximum respect
We must in a way ignore all the drawbacks
And must not worry for what she lacks

Never think that she will be the fully best
But, you can trust that she will be honest
Such an expectation indeed is reasonable
As a woman must be in life responsible

Marriages are made in Heaven by God
They are all fixed wisely by the Lord
Never doubt the sagacity of the Almighty
He only settles every holy love-treaty

Marriage to be glorious, feel free to forgive
And your level best affection you just give
Anticipate not returns, but they will come
As true love is pure love's sure outcome

Ditch not that woman who loves you deeply
Show colossal kindness behaving kindly
Every second, make her happy and blissful
Be to her loyal, affectionate and truthful

Marriage is a Divine bondage binding two
That must be regarded as sacred in view
Invest love in marriage to reap a holy boon
Let your love be eternal after honey-moon.


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