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i miss you

where are you now ? where are you  ? i need you now , cant you see that im dying here without you . im trying to forget but its like i'll never let it go , i dont want anything anymore i just want you , i want what i had with you , 10 months passed and im still in the same freaking place waiting for you to come back , waiting for you to tell me that you feel the same way but you were trying to hide it . i heard your with that other girl in town but shes not your style . shes not what do you want , babe look at my eyes cant you see the pain i've been through . im trying to smile just to show you im alright , dont worry im alright since your fine . im always asking my self what did i do ? or where did i went wrong ? always thinking of you and thinking of what you may be doing now . i know you'll never get to see this or read it . and if someday you did come back to me . come back like you've never walked away ..

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