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Life and my Dear Wife

Without her love, I am totally lost
In her absence, I am a big zero
Her nearness alone is true peace
She must be ever at my side

Her kind words heal my sorrow
Her lovely looks preserve my joy
In case she is away from me
Happiness is an impossibility

When her smile is by me seen
That is equal to that holy Heaven
The assurance that she gives
By looking at my eyes is bliss

I admire her unique cordiality
Her charming disposition
Is a balm to my confusion
She helps me have sanity

Her reprimanding is a lesson
Her healing expression is a pill
Her embrace is a sure remedy
That Divine Angel is a fine fairy

She comes to me like a breeze
And cools my soul with kindness
Her advice helps me to reconcile
Her love always gives me solace

Her moon-like face gives a boost
To stabilize all stormy emotions
Her deep affection is an anchor
That saves when life is turbulent

Her praise is always a noble patting
As she tells the truth avoiding flattery
She keeps silent, still expresses love
That is the real beauty of our relation

Arrogance is to her fully unknown
She builds a deep enjoyment wisely
And she makes me celebrate living
Without her support, I will turn mad

She is none, but my dearest wife
After such a long association
I have made this wise discovery
If you muse, you will acknowledge.


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