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Long Lost Friend

My friend
Remember me
I gave you a big part
Of my heart
My love and care
We used to share
Emotions honest, bare

I think of you
Lose sleep about you
Miss you more and more
Don't close the door
I'm not keeping score
But I can't go on
Without you

My friend
You're not someone
Come and go
You're special to me
I wish you knew
You should know
I need you so

I'm having trouble
I can't exist
My heart is crushed
That's how much you're missed
I feel the pain of care in vain
I'm humbled and undressed
I find no rest

In a facebook world
I don't belong
I find no comfort in numbers
It feels all wrong
I just need true friends
A few friends, heart to heart
I held you close from the very start

I pray we meet again
Promise to stay close
And vow not to be apart
There are few things in this world
One can keep
That follow everywhere we go
Except those that we take to heart

Feel my silent prayer
I know you're somewhere out there
There is a place for you
Where you're appreciated
Loved and needed
My heart bleeds unrequited
Until you and I are reunited

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    • where are you now morning light and l9ving you..
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