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Will Fame and Money Make Life Sunny?

My Dear Young Cousin,

If the World deeply thinks what a beggar is doing
At least poverty can be very easily eradicated
What a great billionaire does is not news at all
As he is unimaginably rich with huge wherewithal

Did Edison have a computer or a super cell?
Still he made innumerable inventions greatly
Once the egg-tray was missing in the house
And Edison's father was asking everyone

Then Edison's brother revealed finally the secret
As Edison took it to the garden to sit on them
Mainly for incubating out of sheer curiosity
His mother predicted his becoming a scientist

There cannot be a better teacher than mother
Greatest wealth is absolute contentment only
Of course Warren is a great philanthropist
And his deeds require real admiration truly

When Edison was famous, his mom already died
She never saw him as a great man or scientist
When the school H M commented about his head
Her mother decided not to send him to school at all

There is an adage that when King George sneezed
Entire Russian population will get severe cold
Swedish Academy did not give Gandhi Nobel Prize
That was an insult to the Academy, not to Mahatma

Your e-mail about Warren Buffet I received
Of course that is a nice information to read
You remain unmarried and that is really great
Here I adore your ability to prolong happily

Even you can employ your technical know-how
And grow to become an influential personality
You can dismantle anything and re-assemble
That indeed is a sign of outstanding talent only

Like your paternal Grand Dad, you have medical brain
Like your maternal Grand Dad, a fine expert legal brain
Or like your dear mother, a bent of mind to analyze songs
And like your father, a kind mind that adjusts excellently

Your English is also in a way damn attractive
And I feel you are an embodiment of dexterity
You possess determination which I lacked
You have just ignored marriage like cancer

In this fast World, all are in a great hurry
To achieve glory and get also huge money
Animals in jungles play never politics
They simply kill, eat and forget enmity

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are two crocodiles
Who think money-giving will solve all the problems
Unfortunately they could earn wealth, not love
They are not in the God's list of heaven-goers

Playing politics and making moves tactically
To suppress or ignore or humiliate someone
Is a sheer waste of time and a sin in fact
There can be only one Mother Teresa dear.



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