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Friend Doesn't Necessarily End In "end"

Why does the hello
of a certain friend
Brighten our hearts so much
It's hard to say
But if I may
I think it's becasue we felt their touch
And of our heart
We've taken their spirit in
They remain a part
For better or worse
Happy or sad
We will always care
And from this we won't part
And if sadness
Is our lot
If in the end
Lonliness and longing
Is all we've got to show
Though it feels we've been forgotten
Or that somehow they've let us go
At least we'll always know
And dream of meeting that dear friend
Who still means so much
That feeling we bravely hold never does end
And if you should ever meet a friend true
Time will tell they miss you too

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  • i do miss you nice man... i do care for you... i maybe in/out of this site but surely you are always remembered...
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    • We keep a care for each other Butterfly. Any care you feel in your heart is a treasure
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      • hello my name is clara am a lady i saw your profile today.and became interest in you so i will us to be friend,please send your email address to my box (clarajobe2012@yahoo.com)so that i will send my picture to you and tell you more about me.i waiting your email thanks yoursful miss clara.
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