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Love, Believe and Live

Love is the most healthy tonic
Supplied by heart and eye clinic

He who loves is Angel's pet
True bliss, he will surely get

When love is pure and true
Immense joy will accrue

Love will mesmerize the soul
As remarkable is its great role

When love is eagerly sought
God soon comes to that spot

Loveless heart is a cemetery
Love is to the eyes a battery

When kissing is kindly done
Goes to pieces every burden

If love feelings are strong
Soul sings a divine song

If you hug your life-partner
Enough joy, you can garner

If love at first does not win
Then to love again begin

When love for you is refused
Be not by frustration induced

If a girl says no to your offer
Gold is only lost by her coffer

Those who ignore pure love
Will find hell surely somehow

When you are by one ignored
By another you will be adored

Love is blind and also kind
It is better than God-behind

When you do not like a person
His word will resemble poison

Either love or say a plain no
Either marry or away you go

She to love had no true guts
That caused in hearts cuts

She ran away from me foolishly
Now remembers me feverishly

My heart was by her finely tilled
But, her conscience, she killed


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