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Heaven Or Hell

I've uncovered your secret
You didn't want anyone to reveal
I gave my heart to you
You're not real

You greeted love with silence
Your silent claim to fame
I've accepted the blame
All my love in vain

You came like a gentle breeze
That precedes a Spring storm
Hit me like a hurricane
But only cozy and warm

You left like a whirlwind
With deafening silence
To you I had my heart pinned
I felt the hurt and the violence

Now I understand
Just want you to know it's OK
Just something I had to go through
I still love you anyway

I found care in another
Guess life works out in a way
Just know in your heart
I'd never throw you away

I'm going to love you
In spite of your game
I'm nobody to you
But you sure remember my name

We'll meet again someday
I promise we will
I will still care about you
Heaven or Hell

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  • I'm so lucky to know of two beautiful hearts. You can be sure that I miss you very much and I'm blessed you think of me sometimes too. Butterfly, I've left YMs for you...have missed you lots! Glad you're OK. Caring is free and it's something special we share.
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    • Its always nice to read some of your sweet words.Somehow its comforting.I love reading your poems as usual....:):):)
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      • Wow! Its been some time since I last visited, but I see you are still. at it! I like it a lot. Keep it up . Always a fan
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        • A poem written in an organized way Using immense skill in coining words Truly appealing to the poetic sense I have no other option, but to admire.
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          • hello my name is clara am a lady i saw your profile today.and became interest in you so i will us to be friend,please send your email address to my box (clarajobe2012@yahoo.com)so that i will send my picture to you and tell you more about me.i waiting your email thanks yoursful miss clara.
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