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True Loves Death

Laying in bed, while my world's slowly breaking...

It's funny that it's for you that my heart is aching.

You've broken me, now, too far past repair.

But, even if you don't love me, at least you care.

Sarcasm, the best way I have to hide how I feel.

While you shatter and break all that was real.

You say that you fought, but our lies are too thick.

We've dug out a hole... and this slope is too slick.

Anger and pain, poison our hearts..

Slowly you turn, as we separate parts.

Forever was so short, and went by too fast.

I'll never forget-- these memories last.

Tomorrow I'm leaving, where you will not reach me.

Forever is broken, and our dreams aren't to be.

I'm lost, and unspoken-- a life lost to love.

It's supposed to be special, a gift from above.

Why was ours so full of hate, and pain?

Why did we search just for what we could gain?

I'll never forget, but I hope that you do.

You'll find love is special, pure, and true.

I'll end this now, although I'll wish for forever...

To keep us from breaking... to keep us a treasure.

On one final note, this is all I can say.

I love you forever, on our final day.

I'll leave you tomorrow, and never burden your life.

All I bring, is pain, stress, and strife.

I'm letting you go, feeling stronger than ever.

Still wishing, though, that we had forever.

Just remember, when you let me go... Our love was so true.

.... I'm sorry it broke me... and I'm sorry it built you.

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  • Or maybe I've forgiven, and maybe I've been to afraid to take a chance.... But I'll walk off that cliff if you promise to catch me
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    • Love always perseveres. It's that simple.
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      • A fine poetry that scintillates Like those twinkling holy stars An expression that is creative Giving emotions making us think.
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        • Love breaks. Sometimes.. it just isn't enough.
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