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Say Hello

As years go by
Pain remains
We appear not to notice
We walk on by
But inside there is an emptiness
Nothing can fill
The memory still
Can cause me to cry
But the tears I swallow inside

I hide
I pretend not to notice you
I find it hard
To admit that I do
To say hello
I feel so blue
At the recollection
Of dreams felt so sincerely
They still make me blue
Whenever you're in view

We bid each other
A long time ago
But the hurt is still fresh
Your memory cuts like a knife
I guess this is something
People will say
We've got to chalk up to life
But there is something I wonder about
When I feel my heart jump
Wondering, waiting to know
How I would respond
If you ever simply say hello

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Comments (5)
  • Hmm..I am thinking of that too..What if I saw my ex..will he ever say hello or just ignore me..I don't really know..:) As usual,you always touch you readers in a way that put us in the same situation. Thanks..hope you are okay my friend. God bless.:):):)
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    • I'd say hello...but I'd like to think you'd say hello to me. I wish you happiness always....miss you much. I fear losing touch with you..that would be the sadest thing.
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      • that how i felt this past few months in my life... i wish i have someone like whom i can talk with... i wish you are always okay and healthy... i maybe not always around but i do miss you... things were so different now...
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        • Butterfly, You should know you can always talk to me. I YM'd you but never didn't hear back. I wonder if you're OK and am always happy when I see you are...but I miss you too...don't think you realize so. If you ever just want to talk I hope you will come to me...I always have a hear to listen when it's you. Whatever our situations in life I belive I will always have care about you. I see life as shorter now and kind hearts as precious. I appreciate your care.
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          • hello my name is clara am a lady i saw your profile today.and became interest in you so i will us to be friend,please send your email address to my box (clarajobe2012@yahoo.com)so that i will send my picture to you and tell you more about me.i waiting your email thanks yoursful miss clara.
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